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Hetta Hearths

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Fire has been with people since the dawn of time. Hetta's hearths are an attempt to return to the roots, to socialize around the fire, which now, thanks to us, can be closed in a modern, almost indestructible form.


Fire is a fundamental discovery and a milestone in the development of mankind, and the ability to harness and use it has been perfected over thousands of years. Bonfires were not only a source of light and warm food, but also a place to meet loved ones.

Our hearths are a fireplace in a modern, designer form -  a meeting place in the garden or on the terrace and a fantastic alternative to the fireplace, allowing you to enjoy the unique closeness of the fire. Created with passion and love for nature, they are the perfect place to take a break from technology and the chaos of everyday life.


From the very beginning we wanted to create a beautiful hearth that would give a new meaning to a bonfire - a combination of tradition and modernity, art and functionality, beauty and nature. We wanted to design a garden sculpture that would transform the space and give a unique atmosphere to meetings with loved ones.

Unique Design

Our hearth is not only a product, but also a unique and exceptional design, registered as a Community Design by the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

This combination of innovative design and the product of high quality craftsmanship can become part of your garden.

Premium product

Hetta hearths are a product created for the most demanding customers who appreciate refined products made from high quality materials. Only the highest quality certified materials are used in the production of our hearths, which are sourced from suppliers throughout Europe. Our aim is to supply products that will function faultlessly for generations.


We make sure that our fireplaces are perfected in every detail - starting with high quality materials, innovative production, and ending with smaller elements that make the fireplace easier to use. Our products are equipped with several features that make them easy to use, such as: a special ash pan that also serves as an air supply (to burn the wood in the best possible way) and special holes for rainwater drainage.

The Hetta hearth is the result of collaboration with Brzozowski Architecture, a design studio which specialises in combining classical beauty with innovative technology.

Classical form and materials combined with innovative production processes - Industrial Robot welding and CNC laser cutting - allow us to produce an always perfect product of the highest quality.

Brzozowski Architecture means interesting designs, innovative production methods, passion, care for the environment and the desire to be close to nature - you will find all this in fireplaces from Hetta Supply.


We design and manufacture with the environment in mind. The design of the fireboxes ensures that the wood dries and does not emit smoke while burning - very important when we care about air quality and want to comply with clean air standards.

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