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HETTA Square

The Hetta Square is a fire pit inspired by modernist architecture. Its shape will fit perfectly into the space of a modern garden. It can serve as a table, fire pit or futuristic sculpture.


HETTA fire pits were created to bring people together - because fire has an incredible power of attraction.



Hetta fire pits
are manifesto by designer
Tomo Ciofani to -
people will once again get closer
to the fire from which
they have moved so far away.
Our Story

Focal point

Fire has always been the focal point of every human encampment. Because people are looking for warmth, light and places where they can feel safe. To have a place where they can sit and talk. To laugh and be moved. To create their own stories of the good and the difficult. People have always done this around a fire, which gives warmth and light. Every home needs such a place.

Patented design

Our hearth is not only a product, but also a unique and exceptional design, registered as a Community Design by the European Union Intellectual Property Office .

Another important thing is our HETTA AIRFLOW SYSTEM®, which is an innovative way of fully burning wood without smoke. It works by first drying the wood on the shelves through a stone which accumulates heat. The next stage consists of supplying oxygen directly to the embers through special openings. The use of such solutions results in little smoke and the wood is burnt to a fine ash - which, falling down into the ash pan, facilitates cleaning the fireplace.


Order the hearth

In order to facilitate the selection of materials from which the fireplace is built, we have created a special configurator that operates in your web browser. It allows you to quickly and easily select additional accessories and place an order in our online store.

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