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My name is Tomo Ciofani, I am the author of HETTA hearths as well as the creator of the entire HETTA SUPPLY brand. I would like to give you some arguments why you should trust us and buy our product.

Durability, Utility and Beauty.

As I am an architect, I am close to the ideas of Vitruvius, the Roman architectural theorist - the father of the Renaissance. In his treatises, he claimed that the excellence of a building is determined by its durability, usability and beauty. It was these qualities that were most important to me when creating this product.


You are buying my work, the intention of which is that it should last for hundreds of years. Durability depends on the design, the materials used and how it is made. When designing the hearth, I wanted to eliminate everything that could be damaged or break down during long-term use.
Our hearth has no moving parts, no electronics or anything that might stop working in 200 years. Our products are simple and beautiful. As materials, I only use those with the highest resistance to time : namely stone, concrete and steel.


Beauty takes time. Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa for 13 years. He corrected, altered, refined it to produce an effect that would delight long after his death.
Like him, I am perfecting the hearths all the time. I try to make each successive version better and better. Each one is a little different and each one has its own story. That's why I number them and sign them with my name. I believe that beauty is simplicity, proportion and symmetry.


It is the idea of taming the fire and using it in any space.
The design of the firebox allows wood to dry on special shelves, so the wood is dry and burns easily. The combustion chamber with ash pan facilitates the supply of air, so that combustion is complete and little smoke is produced. Even if you use the fireplace on the terrace, you do not disturb the neighbours.
In addition, the combustion chamber rests on stone, which accumulates heat and insulates the remaining steel structure against it. Therefore, you can even place the hearth on a wooden terrace.

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