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Technical issues

Can I order a different size, material or shape?

It is impossible. Only the hearths present in the configurator are available on offer.

What is the difference between granite and concrete hearths?

We have two kinds of granite on offer - Monumental and Viscount. Granites are intrusive rocks of very high hardness extracted from quarries in Africa (Zimbabwe) or India. This raw material is transported to Poland in blocks and then cut into plates called slabs. Slabs are then fire-treated and thus gain the structure of naturally broken stone. The next step is transportation of stones to a water jet cutting company (Water Jet) where they are formed to a final shape. A machine with the function of water jet cutting is currently the most precise and, therefore, the most costly solution available on the market. The stones are then treated with CNC milling machine which cuts a special slot in the stone where the steel element of the hearth is fitted. In the closing stage, all the elements are transferred to the stonemason who refines the edges of the stone and impregnates it. The final version of the product is packed and prepared for shipping to the customer.

Architectural concretes are highly durable HPCs (High Performance Concrete) additionally reinforced with glass fibres, according to the GRC technology (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete). This highest technology level was applied in a material as simple as concrete. Owing to this technology, concrete is a lot more durable and stain-resistant.

What is the difference between a hearth of steel, corten, aluminum and inox?

Black steel is structural steel of high-durability, which makes the hearth's structure hold the weight of granite and concrete of up to 600 kg. In fire contact areas, the steel is protected with paint resistant to the heat of up to 600 C. The rest of the structure is coated with epoxy base and acrylic paint, which make it resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and scratches.

Corten is pure steel which naturally covers with patina, that is a rusty raid which protects its surface from further corrosion. It is a renewable process - patina will reappear on the cleared spot.

Aluminum & INOX is an exquisitely aesthetic solution made in the process of anodising aluminum, that is colouring the metal with electric current. The material gains a deep black colour in the process.

Aluminum is not resistant to the high temperature of fire and that is why the interior of a combustion chamber was made of stainless steel and covered with heat-proof paint to colour it black.

INOX (fr. inoxydable - “non-oxidisable”), is stainless steel of exceptional physicochemical properties such as resistance to adverse exterior factors (humidity, high temperature, corrosion) and mechanical damage. The only solution so far which does not require any additional protection. All these properties make it 8 times more expensive than standard structural steel.

What is the difference between a 120, 155 and 230 hearth?

A 120 hearth was designed for customers who needed a firepit for a terrace or a smaller garden. Size 155 is a basic model which fits a standard wood chunk and secures comfortable distance from fire.

For customers with very large gardens or who want to employ the element of fire in commercial locations (hotels, restaurants, golf courses) we propose a massive 230 hearth which weights 1000 kg.

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Is concrete/granite resistant to grease and ash stains?

Concrete and gemstones used in the production of Hetta Supply hearths are factory-impregnated with appropriate water and grease-resistant agents. Yet, if the stain remains on the stone surface for too long, it may be necessary to use sanding cloth (open-access product) and re-impregnate the spot.

How is the hearth cleaned after usage?

Models Round 155, 230 and Square 1202, 140, 180 are equipped with an ash pit, so the remaining ash can be disposed of easily. The remaining models are equipped with an oval bottom which is easily cleaned with basic utensils.

Is the hearth equipped with drainage of water that gets into the combustion chamber?

Yes, the hearths have water drainage holes in combustion chamber and wood compartments.

Do i have to additionally impregnate the hearth?

We leave the decision whether to impregnate or not to the customer. Yet, it is advisable to impregnate once every half a year with surfactants available in DIY stores. There is no need to use specialist agents, as the product is initially factory-impregnated.

Is it legal to light a fire in the hearth?

Owing to adequate air inflow and constant drying of wood in compartments, Hetta Supply hearths emit possibly lowest amounts of smoke and are significantly less harmful to environment than e.g. home chimneys or typical fireplaces. Notice, however, that the legality of lighting fires is determined by local authorities whose guidelines should thus be respected.

Is the hearth safe?

Yes, insulation from the ground and a protective collar guarantee safety and eliminate the risk of fire spread. You should, however, respect fire safety rules and never leave a hearth unsupervised.

How long is the warranty period?

It is standard 2 years.

Hetta Supply hearths, if used and cleaned appropriately, were designed to serve for decades to come.

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How will the hearth be delivered to my house?

The hearth in a packing case is delivered to the given address by a courier.

How many persons are necessary to assemble the hearth?

Two persons are enough to assemble and move the hearth. With Round 230 and Square 180 at least 3 strong persons are necessary to assemble and move the product.

What is the delivery time?

Hearths are produced in Poland immediately after an order has been placed. We treat every project individually and with all due care. Lead time is 4-5 weeks. Additionally, consider the time necessary to deliver the product to the given address (depending on the courier company).

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